Why your next holiday should be a Bali health & fitness retreat.

Pic credit: Adobe Stock

Pic credit: Adobe Stock

We’ve all been there… booked a Bali holiday, cleaned up your diet and stepped up the exercise regime a month or so beforehand only to over indulge in food and alcohol, coming home feeling like you need a holiday from your holiday. Sound familiar…? Yep, you’re not the only one.

Holiday’s are supposed to be fun, relaxing and enjoyable, but if you’re consistently coming back from holidays with a little extra padding around the waist line and feel like you’ve picked straight back up where you left off; feeling stressed, overworked, tired and overwhelmed, then a health and fitness retreat could be your answer.

Imagine a holiday where you can get a daily practice of yoga, pilates and fitness as well as enjoy organic meals and massages. Yes! This amazing holiday option really does exist. If you are in need a rejuvenation holiday to relax your mind, body, and soul all while remaining active, then a retreat is perfect for you. Here are some reasons why your next holiday should be a Fit Food Relax Retreat.

Your body will thank-you

With an onsite chef cooking nutritious, organic and healthy meals your body will truly thank-you. A health retreat gives you the opportunity to gently cleanse your body so it can reset and restore. All meals, snacks, and drinks are free from palm oil, MSG, artificial flavourings, refined sugars and GMO, which will leave your body feeling the best it ever has. A cooking and nutrition workshop is even included so you can cook your Bali inspired meals when you return home. Instead of fuelling your body with rich, fast and convenient foods on your vacation you can nourish it with amazing, healing foods.

Your mind will thank-you

Many leave a Bali health and fitness retreat feeling blissed out and relaxed. Daily mindfulness and meditation activities help ensure that your mind is getting a respite too. The oasis of palm trees and wildlife creates a private sanctuary for you to reflect and be with your own thoughts. Instead of returning from a vacation feeling burned out from too many activities, you can instead return feeling empowered and strong. Bali is the perfect backdrop to do some soul searching and practice some spirituality.

You’ll come home fitter and stronger

The great thing about a fitness retreat is the fact that you can prioritise your fitness goals over everyday obligations and even learn a new skill or two with daily boxing, pilates, yoga and functional training sessions. If you couple this with the amazing food provided, you may even leave feeling a little lighter than before you arrived.

You can reconnect with nature

A yoga retreat can be a great way to relax and restore, but if you are wanting a little more action, we have some great outdoor experiences. With options to surf, attend a waterfall hike and swim or even paddle boarding, you will get to create memories you will always remember while basking in the beautiful scenery that Bali has to offer.

You can meet like-minded people

Everyone attending our luxury Bali retreat is looking to relax, reset and grow in some sort of way. The perfect thing is that everyone gets to it together. You may even make a new life-long friend. It is easier to make your health a priority when you have a companion to keep you motivated and present. Meeting like-minded people is one of the greatest takeaways from attending a health and fitness retreat.

A Bali wellness retreat can prove to be a truly life-changing experience. Not only will your body thank-you for the variety of healing food options, but your mind will thank-you too with the chance to explore mindfulness and meditation. You get to focus your energy on keeping active with the many fitness class options and you get to enjoy new experiences while exploring Bali. Best of all, you will get to spend time with like-minded people who are also looking to grow and change.