Corporate Promotions and Incentives

Increase sales, brand awareness or staff productivity with a once-in-a-lifetime Bali Health and Fitness Retreat.

The health and wellness category continues to grow at a very healthy rate. With more people becoming health conscious through preventative measures, consumers are demanding more from the wellness industry.

The anticipation of travel drives the emotion of adventure, relaxation, fun and experiencing something new. There are numerous incentive programs available to businesses these days but time and time again, the chance to win a travel experience has proven to have the most effective response.

Did you know that 84% of consumers said they would switch brands if a travel prize was up for grabs.

Travel incentives inspire employees to perform at their best; leading to increased productivity, sales, market share and ultimately, profit to your business.

Fit Food Relax Retreat offers unforgettable healthful holiday experiences, that will excite and motivate your consumers and staff. Through a memorable travel experience, consumers and staff alike will form a greater emotional connection to your brand or business which in turn reinforces loyalty.

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